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It monitors in real time only one (M/S) or two (M/2) signals are at the same time in the air. It&39;s just right, does everything I need and not much >> else. If anyone has been able to successfully couple the YCCC So2r+ box with an Ft dx3000 for CW keying can you let me know what (if any) menu (or other) settings are required? FT857D Super interface yccc so2r manual for everything. YCCC SO2R Mini Interface (also known as “The Connector”). The YCCC So2r is a group project of the Yankee Clipper Contest Club.

SO2R Box Manual V1. I love the >> YCCC SO2R Box Plus. Unlike my two prior SO2R devices, there is no audio bleed-through between channels. FT847 Computer interface for Audio and CW and Digital. Only problem is, it&39;s a club project and not available off the shelf. Required and Suggested Technology for YCCC Students Spring Semester (Janu – ) Spring 7-Week Term I (Janu – Ma) Spring 7-Week Term II (Ma – ) CLICK HERE TO CONNECT WITH OUR ADMISSIONS TEAM If you would like to. Advanced SO2R mode and setting up scenarios requires external SO2R control equipment communicating with Win-Test via a USB port, COM port DTR/RTS pins, or LPT port pins, such as the Ham Radio Solutions EZMaster, the microHAM MK2R and micro2R, the YCCC OTRSP box, the DX Doubler. FT857D Serial interface.

Connector must be running for the Mini to operate. Pin 14 is 5 volts when rig 2 in transmit - this turns on a relay to make the RTTY transmit on rig 2. 00 YCCC SO2R box plus (4-radio setup) with cables for two K3s. However, with 69p3/p4/71, though I am able to trigger the HL2 manually through 3. Sharing the camera 4. It&39;s sold in a kit form, complete with everything needed to build the kit. Setup N1MM logger like this so the correct BCD appears on the YCCC SO2R+ AUX connector.

Multiple units can be interfaced together via LAN for multiple (more than 2) transceivers in the same environment. Shown here is a summary of the modifications made to the ANT yccc so2r manual board (the PCB the coax connectors are mounted on) and the MAIN board (where the preamps are located). (Thanks, Paul, K1XM) This code is currently maintained for and compiled with Arduino 1. The Mortty and the YCCC SO2R Mini. So I have the K3/1003459 with newer DSP board, KXV3 and 2.

Paul is a serial ham radio product designer, having been largely responsible for the YCCC SO2R Box, MOAS, and OTRSP (Open Two Radio Switching Protocol). The YCCC SO2R box has all the disadvantages that Joe has outlined plus it requires an external level translator circuit for FSK. FM6 switch matrix with ICE filters 160-10M contest bands and all the interconnect cables. See Supported Accessories - Integrated SO2R Boxes for more details. This is shown in one of the photos below. The purpose of a scenario is to automate the interaction between the two radios. The YCCC has adopted a multi-tiered membership format as follows: Please note that payment of dues IS NOT a prerequisite for contributing scores to the Club aggregate, but IS for the various YCCC Awards Programs.

Usable for up to 2 transceivers for SO2R or multi-op contest operations. 5 mm stereo cable, my YCCC SO2R Winkeyer (through N1mm) is unable to key the radio at all, no output. The cost of the 4-rig kit including shipping was under 0. I don&39;t hear. The result of these changes serves to lower the threshold at which the protection is engaged. Paul is a frequent traveler and dxpeditioner, having been part of teams at 6Y1V, KL7RA, yccc HQ9X, W1KM, KL7RA, 4X0W, PJ4X, and other world-class stations. My SixPak control box wiring diagram. •Manual Control Switching •Manual Headphone Audio Switching W8FN — Ham-Com.

SkookumLogger is a contest logging program for macOS 10. 13 (High Sierra) or later, available on the App Store. i would upload the translated manual in german language and your Keyer code that’s now migrated to AVR-Studio 5. Edit SO2R Scenarios. Two communication links are needed, the. Looking at their Web Site, it has completely vanished, along with the Radio-specific cables, User Manuals, etc. 5 Bandpass filters. RTTY FSK Interface for FT/1000.

Audio interface between radio and pc. This controller was a great addition to my shack a few years ago. Supports Top Ten DX Doubler, WX0B Station Master, Microham MK2R, YCCC SO2R, and other SO2R controllers. Testing in progress. Low-rent SO2R notes Kevin Schmidt, W9CF 6510 S. >> But if you can get in on one of the group buys, it&39;s the best SO2R >> controller I&39;ve used or heard of. Now, there&39;s still the "double-clutching" issue. YCCC recently joined the Achieving the Dream Network, which is a comprehensive non-governmental reform movement for student success.

This manual describes installation and use of the YCCC SO2R Box (plus). Dueling CQ’s will send CQ alternately on each radio (Ctrl+B) If dueling CQ’s is enabled, and CQ sent then both radios become Run radios; Ctrl+F1 or Ctrl+Enter will not start Dueling CQ. Adding the camera 2.

Tempe, AZ 85283 USA J. YCCC Club Resource Information DUES AND MEMBERSHIP STUFF Dues for the year are payable as of January 1st. Windows installable file with the SO2R Box interface program, SO2R Box Utility, and SO2R Box manual. YCCC SO2R+ BCD Connections. CW Keyer - serial.

The box is built like a tank and seems to be pretty bullet-proof. About SkookumLogger. If a real LPT port is available, set the internal jumpers of the DX Doubler, and the Win-Test LPT port configuration, as shown:.

I have the So2r+ box coupled to a FT dx3000 and a Ft-857 and this all works FB with N1MM+ for SSB. These articles include interesting tidbits written or uncovered by YCCC members. need to downsize my station some. Full Install; Latest Update Files; Latest Update History; Experimental Versions; Category. Scenarios are available for SO2R Advanced and requires an external SO2R controler such as microHAM MK2R+/MK2R/u2R or EZMaster. In Win-Test Interface Configuration, select OTRSP Compatible device for the virtual COM port used to control the SO2R box. It is also included with the V1. The Interlock equipment supports 5 Radios (R1, R2, R3, R4 & R5) and can be programmed as: M/S or M/2.

This is the version 1. In fact, YCCC used a version of that quote as a chapter tag-line in the manual. (Thanks, Paul, K1XM) Includes FEATURE_SO2R_BASE, FEATURE_SO2R_SWITCHES, FEATURE_SO2R_ANTENNA :.

It is a very simple design, with no Microprocessors involved, and is not only useful for SO2R use, but also a fine centerpiece in a two-radio shack for everyday operation. The u2R was the clear choice for me: 1. and may not be used by any person in conjunction with any hardware interface or control product.

W1EQO High Power European Transmittersby Jim Ussailis, W1EQO, (added -March-03) K1KP Delta Loop Feed (DOC) by Tony Brock-Fisher (added -May-21) KK1L mods to K1NQ 3-stack match for single tower SO2R (PPT). SO2R RA9P 13 years old Aleks - Duration: 8:15. A number of parameters can be controlled such as receive and transmit focus, audio routing etc. VSPManager (VSPM) After installing VSPM, run it to create the virtual serial port pairs that are required to allow Connector to communicate with N1MM. Both are switched by N1MM Logger. The YCCC kits implement the key components of the low band receiving array described in W1FV’s article, “A Compact Dual-Band, 9 Circle Receiving Array” that appeared in two parts in the September/October and November/December issues of NCJ.

With so2r this alternate setup, we adjust the computer output level as before, then with compression turned off, adjust both mic gain and line gain for indication of. YCCC SO2R Controller (not supported) Navigator Digital Interface (not supported) I also use yccc so2r manual the KK1L 2x6 antenna switch, but since I have Yaesu radios, that is controlled by the radios. Aux Pins 1 to 4 and 5 to 8 are for BCD Band Data from rigs A and B respectively to switch the SixPak antennas. Anatoly Polevik RC9O 2,619 views. Yccc box at n4af 73, howie. Interface Genius ("IG") is a USB or LAN controlled SO2R radio interface modem. Detailed information and data is available to YCCC faculty and Staff by logging in here. Single Operator 2 Radio.

The YCCC So2r Box. Support for voice, cw and digital modes is included. Completed manual merge of contributed code for HARDWARE_YCCC_SO2R_MINI. So I wired up a set of inline female 8-pin DIN connectors to break the signals out into appropriate cables and jacks for the Mini. YCCC SO2R SO2R+ Control Box by K1XM Jay UJay. This program can be downloaded here. On Tuesday, Decem, Tom Schaefer com wrote: Here is a blurp from the MK2R manual: microHAM Control Protocol, as a whole or in any subset, is the intellectual property of microHAM, s. 01: Various code compilation warning cleanups.

Review Summary For : YCCC SO2R+ Reviews: 2 MSRP: 0 (2 radio), 5 (4 radio) Description: The SO2R Box (plus) allows an operator to listen and transmit on two (or four) radios, transmitting on one and listening on another, or listening on two radios at the same time. That means no more SO2R. It is designed to be controlled by a Windows application, or can be used. Features; About – The Development Team; Downloads. Top Ten Devices DX Doubler. Support SO2R without interfaced radios.

The box and software together provide a system for switching headphones, microphone, and keyer between two yccc so2r manual or. 8kHz and 400Hz 8-pole filters. York County Community College 112 College Drive Wells, ME|. This manual describes installation and use of the YCCC SO2R Box (plus).

CW Keyer - parrallel. YCCC SO2R box, which feeds it to the mic inputs of left and right radios, and I feed computer outs to the line inputs of the two radios. I considered the YCCC SO2R box, the microHAM MKR2 and the newly released microHAM u2R. With 68, 69p1/p2, I am able to key the HL2 from my YCCC SO2R Winkeyer (through N1mm) without any issues. See Configuring Win-Test for the SO2R Box by W1UE. The YCCC SO2R Box uses 8-pin DIN connectors for each radio&39;s L/R audio out, CW key in, mic in and PTT in. Manual; 9 Comments 1.

Unsubscribe from Jay UJay? These values are found in the latest version of the Yaesu FT- service manual. Camera settings 5. The app is self-contained, except that you will need to install drivers for your serial hardware if it uses a type of USB-serial adapter not supported by macOS.

Yccc so2r manual

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